Development - Wales


REH has a signed sale and purchase agreement with Mynydd y Gwynt Ltd for the development of a potentially 81-89.1MW wind power project. The company plans to continue to develop this project through to consent. Once up and running the wind-farm is expected to produce enough electricity for over 40,000 homes.


  • 27 turbines between 3-3.3MW each with a maximum tip height of 125 metres
  • Mean wind speed 9.6m/s predicted at 80m (IEC 1a)
  • No ongoing land lease costs
  • Turbine elevations 450-520m above sea level
  • 34 months wind data independently verified
  • Development Consent Application accepted by Planning Inspectorate on 20 August 2014
  • Planning consent decision expected in late 2015
  • Grid Connection to new mid Wales hub
  • Revised grid connection offer received in August 2014

For more detailed information on the project and progress through the planning process go to