Technology Milestones

Continued Successful Development of the CETO Technology

August 2008
REH is pleased to announce the continued successful development of the CETO technology and, for the first time, has released video footage of one of the units in operation at its Wave Energy Research Facility in Fremantle, Western Australia. The video shows the CETO unit operating in a moderate swell driving the buoy up and down and the pump unit back and forth.

Successful Deployment and Operation of First CETO II Wave Energy Unit

February 2008
REH is pleased to announce the successful deployment and initial operation of the first CETO II Wave Energy prototype off the coast of Fremantle in Western Australia.

Onshore testing results with CETO II prototypes

January 2008
REH is pleased to announce that the test results from its onshore purpose built CETO test rig are in-line with expectations, with the commercial-design CETO 2 prototypes delivering sustained water pressure at 6800kPa (approximately 1000psi) as predicted by previous design modelling.

Preliminary In-sea Trial Results

October 2007
REH has announced that results of initial in-sea trials of its CETO II wave energy technology show near perfect correlation with results predicted by CETO computational models, confirming its design and clearing the way for deployment of the first commercial CETO II units within weeks.

Pump Unveiling

February 2007
The first CETO II prototype pump was unveiled at the Wave Energy Research Facililty in Fremantle by the State Minister for Energy, Science and Innovation, Mr Fran Logan. The State Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, Alannah MacTiernan was also present. This will be the first CETO II pump to be deployed and to operate off Fremantle in 2007 and utilizes the pumping technology developed during CETO I combined with a new design that allows for mass production and ease of deployment and maintenance.

CETO I Removal & CETO II Design Unveiled

November 2006
The CETO I prototype was decommissioned and removed from the Fremantle ocean test site in order to prepare the area for the deployment of the new CETO II array. The new CETO II design was unveiled by the State Minister for Energy, Science and Innovation, Mr Fran Logan.

CETO I Power & Freshwater Capability

May 2006
The CETO I prototype successfully proved the concept of converting wave energy to power and freshwater utilising the patented CETO pumping technology. This technology was carried forward into the new commercial CETO II pump designs.

High Pressure Seawater Production

November 2005
At this time the Cylindrical Energy Transfer Oscillating (CETO) unit was pumping sea water to shore and the unit underwent intensive tests and analysis.